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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Welcome a New Author / Crash by Ali Randall

I am pleased to announce that a talented writer will be making some contributions to this blog. Its very exciting to have someone else that I feel can post quality content here. So please welcome Ali Randall in her inaugural post!


By Ali Randall

The girl looked down and checked her speed,

I felt as if that girl was me

When she saw the headlights coming

I flew back 500 feet

I stood there with strong arms around me

And watched this deadly scene

As the car slammed into her door

The girl did not scream

She had something around her

Other than a belt

Keeping her safely in her seat

In slow motion the window shattered

The car began to spin

One time around…

Two times around…

And then I saw the scene again.

This time it happened at normal speed

And on the second time around

I heard a voice that said

“Okay I can let go”

Then I was released.

The car spun one more time around

Before it came to a stop.

But for that final spin I had no sense or thought.

When that girl came to she first thought

“This must have been a dream.”

Then that thought was proven wrong

When she heard someone scream.

“Are you okay” is what he said

She tried to say, “I don’t know”

But the final word was all she spoke

As her vision restored

She saw her door was smashed against her seat

I asked myself who is that girl?

That was involved in this deadly scene?

It was the oddest feeling

To realize I knew that girl who had just checked her speed

“Well how strange,” I thought “that girl was me!”

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