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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

From My Mom on My Birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday. For my birthday, my mom wrote this post. I love you Mom!

Erik showed a keen sense of humor at a very young age. He crawled around on the floor trying to bite my foot and then his Grandma's. Back and forth he went laughing. He was an amazing kid with a photographic memory because I gave him my work number once when he was only four and he remembered it a couple weeks later. His Grandma was taking care of him and Ali and she went into a diabetic coma. The strange thing was Erik asked me if he could call me at work sometime and he wanted to practice on our phone. He often surprised me by the things he was thinking about for his age. He got a teddy bear from the paramedics and they said he was very brave and smart.

He always loved to tell jokes that he made up and he would laugh so hard he would fall off his chair. He loved to wear hats and hated Halloween and haircuts. He was easy to potty train because he went in his diaper he just jerked it off and threw it on the floor and went about his business. He loved the Scooby doo cartoon and his favorite book was a Bert and Ernie book. The book went something like this: Bernie what did you do with the milk? I put it in the cookie jar. Ernie says what did you do with the cookies and Bert says I put them in the breadbox and on and on it goes. I read that book to Erik so many times a day that the pages fell apart.

His chore was talking the garbage cans in and out and he always left a trail of garbage. Once, when I didn't have his allowance ready he got really mad and threw his wallet at me. He was quite the saver. One time I asked him if we could use some of his money for something and I would pay him back and he very firmly said no.

We took a trip to the Children's Museum with some friends and when we got to the schoolroom that is where he wanted to play - not the fire station or the post office like most kids. He wanted to be at the chalkboard talking and writing and he asked me to sit in the classroom chair. He was the only kid in there and I was the only parent. That's when I asked him if he wanted to be a teacher when he grew up? I guess he did.

Love you Erik

Happy Birthday


  1. Erik hated hair cuts always! I remember he'd ask me to cut his hair and always want to quit half way through.... lol! Gah! I love my brother!
    <3 Ali

  2. How about the next time wont you sing with a frog!?!?!?!?!