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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cheap Things to Do On Summer Vacation

I am a Occupy-Your-Time-On-Summer-Vacation Expert. I will continue to provide you with Tips and Tricks for CHEAP summer vacation fun.

Sit in a lawn chair in your front lawn. Blow kisses at the cars that drive by.

Turn your television on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Get out a bible and turn to the Ten Commandments. As you watch, put a star by the commandments as you see them being broken.

Plan elaborate camping/hiking/adventure trips. Do this while you sit on your couch in your sweat pants eating potato chips. Never go on any of them.

Go to all the thrift stores in your town. At each one, buy something for a dollar or less. When you get home rank them not by value, but by smell.

Dress up in the clothes of your significant other or parent. Stand in front of the mirror and say annoying stuff like, "Shouldn't you take a shower today?"and "Don't you think it is inappropriate to drink a 12 pack of beer before lunch?"

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